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Scuola di fumetto e illustrazione is polished by the members of the Association Ninibe Laboratories and in the person of Letizia Beriozza. The technical realization of the website has been inner polished by the Association Ninibe Laboratories and BorderZone s.r.l. via Romagnosi 4, 27100 Pavia (PV).

The website is no profit, the collaboration is free if relating to the purposes of the website. The rights on the witnesses published belong to respect authors. The reproduction of the contents of the website is prohibited with whichever means without the written consent, also by email, of the author or the web master. The articles, the guides and the tutorials can be reproduced under shape of abstract on condition that:
  • the reproduced content does not exceed the 15 for hundreds of the original article;
  • there must be an obvious link that sends back towards the original article;
  • there must be the name of the author.
The Ninibe Laboratories can anytime demand the removal of the abstract.

Is allowed the consultation, in copy, for exclusively personal use with express prohibition of spread. Are allowed the links from other websites if is specified that it is a link towards the website The copyright refers to presentation and to elaboration of projects, documents, texts and articles published in the pages of the website. To the senses of art.5 of Law 22/04/1941 n°633 (the Protection of the copyright and other rights connected to its exercise)"the dispositions of this law are not applied to the texts of the official actions of the State and of the public Administrations as italian as foreign".

The graphical elements and the HTML in the Ninibe Laboratories are from considering themselves of exclusive property of the same ones.

The curators of the website decline every responsibility for eventual inaccuracies in the texts published in the pages of the website.

For whichever suggestion write to: .

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