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Scuola di fumetto e illustrazione

The community projects are those shared and open to all who wants in some way to participate without necessarily to be a part of the Ninibe Laboratories. The general activity of the project comes in fact subdivided into different parts or task that can be developed by various persons and then integrated into a homogenous result.

Beside, the community projects allows to collaborate with us without to find oneself in the same place physically and to take advantage of the benefits of a large group of participants who contributes with code, ideas, documentation, reviews. When a community project starts, the general idea, the objectives of the project and the tools needed are described in the first instance. Anyone can later take over as participant and produce one or more parts of the project. The activity of the single ones is coordinated in centralized way on the website of the Ninibe Laboratories so that all participants know at any given moment on which tasks they are involved. All the other communications take place by email.

The participation to the project does not involve obligations and partecipants can also later unsubscribe and decide not to work on any project.

The important thing is to maintain a good communication link among the participants and to join a single project if one's willing to work on that. The final result of the community project can be released and/or used in various modalities, specified from time to time in the description of the single project.
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