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Scuola di fumetto e illustrazione

The NinibeLabs Project Development can be summarised in the following steps:

1. Creation and formalisation
2. Inclusion of the Project in our list of open projects
3. Realization of the Project
4. Commercialization/dissemination study and planning
5. Adaptation of the prototype according to the step 4 results
6. Revision of a completed Project

Creation and formalisation
The starting point of all the project is an idea, this idea is presented to the Ninibe participants, it is then studied, analysed, discussed and described in a Project Description draft. This document mainly includes:
  • a detail description of the project
  • the technical specifications in terms of competences needed for the project realisation
  • the user specifications, which describes all the functions that will be available to the final users
  • analysis (list) of SW/instruments required for the realization
Inclusion of the Project in our list of open projects
If the internal resources are not available to start the project, this is included in the list of Open Project, otherwise the project officially starts.

Realization of the Project
In this phase the Project is realized according to the specifications described in the "Project Description" (point 1). The final result is generally a Prototype or a Demo Version.

Commercialization/dissemination study and planning
At the end of the Project Development phase we start the study of possible commercialization and the analysis of possible dissemination channel. This step is strictly related to the project type and for some projects the NinibeLabs can decide to not follow this phase.

Adaptation of the prototype according to the step 4 results
If the results of the studies, conducted in point 4, show concrete commercializations opportunity the project can be modified according to the "Market requests".
In exceptional circumstances it is possible that the commercialization/dissemination study and planning phase anticipate the development step, in this case the market study is based on the Project Description document.

Revision of a completed Project
In case new functionalities are needed or in case the Project result is not stable, a project can be revised in order to reach out the new requirements.

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