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Scuola di fumetto e illustrazione

There are lot of opportunity to cooperate with the Ninibe Laboratories. Our activities are divided in projects of different nature and each project has its own life (Creation and formalisation, Realization of the Project, Commercialization/dissemination study and planning, etc). So, if you want, you can give your contribution in the preferred project and phase!

How it is possible to cooperate with the Ninibe Laboratories?
The Ninibe Laboratories search continuously new ideas and initiatives and if you have a creative and dynamic mind you can give a precious contribution in the creation phase. Otherwise if you are more interested in the project development and you have competences (artistic design, 3D graphic, computer science programming), you can sure give an undeniable contribution in the creation of the projects. Finally, after the release of a project other activities are needed, such testing the results, complete the project documentation, release new versions and customers support. Also in this case your contribution can be determining.

Discover here which concrete ways you have to become part of the Ninibe Laboratories.

1. Propose new ideas
2. Participate to the realization of the projects
3. Writing the project documentation
4. Maintain and update the concluded projects
5. Update the NinibeLabs website

Propose new ideas
You always have had an idea in the drawer and you never had time or capability to realize it? Contact Us! we can together transform your idea in a concrete project.

Participate to the realization of the projects
The projects of the Ninibe Laboratories span from videogames to programs applied to artificial intelligence, passing for projects of animation and three-dimensional design. The NinibeLabs are looking for persons who have time, abilities and wish to begin a project or become a member of the team that already follows a project realization. We believe that virtual and real community are places where our ideas can be compared and where our knowledge can be put together to follow a common objective like development of a project. In other words "More we are the Better it is".
In section projects you can find detailed information on the projects already ended.

The description and the documentation of the greater part of the projects is not yet finalised and can be visualized in the restricted area, so if you would like to read more information about our project please write us and we will provide you the credential for accessing the private area!

Writing the project documentation
The iter of a project does not finish with the end of the project development, but it includes a successive step that is the preparation of the project documentation. This phase is subordinated to the nature of the project and can consist in various types of jobs like development of customer handbook, tutorials, information on the software, etc.
These activities are independent from each other and can be carried out from different persons in complete autonomy.

Maintain and update the concluded projects
A project never can be considered as completed if additional improvements or functionalities can be brought. Maintain and update a project are important step as develop it and these activities can be conducted in parallel.
Practically this means realize successive versions of the jobs or solve the problems or the bugs of the running versions that can emerge.

Update the NinibeLabs website
The Ninibe Laboratories website is born like "container of information and ideas" freely accessible. This implies that its contents must be updated frequently and must be verified with attention.

If you have ideas on how we can enrich the NinibeLabs website or if you have contents that can be published you can be communicated to us via e-mail to the address ; your idea will later be introduced on the forum of the website in an appropriate topic.

What the cooperation with the Ninibe Laboratories implies?
Cooperate with the Laboratories does not imply any monetary responsibility, you can cooperate from home, comfortably, in all freedom and in the preferred moment of the day.
If you wish to actively participate to one or more activity tied to the projects we will ask you only a little bit of your time and your engagement in order to carry out the tasks that you have chosen. But all managed you and only you, without any organizational interferences from the Laboratories.

If you are interested to this kind of activity not to hesitate to contact one of us (our addresses are in contacts' page) or write to .We wait for you!!
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