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Scuola di fumetto e illustrazione

The Ninibe plan is born in 1999 like a "free association of persons" with the objective of exploring in practical way some aspects of the Artificial Intelligence. During the years the interests are widen and now they also include projects not directly connected to the AI. In September 2003 Ninibe plan became the Ninibe Laboratories: an Association dedicated to ICT research whose aim is the realization of innovative projects.

The main Objective of the NinibeLabs is to create a physical and virtual structure that allows the participants and the collaborators to free their own creativity. The main attempt is to take advantage of the know-how and the abilities of each participant and realize whichever plan that interests or that gets passionate one of the participants. Unfortunately job, studies and every day engagements leave little time to personal ideas. The Ninibe Laboratories try to satisfy these problems creating a real and virtual community where the only resources needed are time and abilities.

The NinibeLabs activities are not managed in a "Market" way, we are not a company which has to constantly look at the market to approach its project, on the opposite we do not realize projects having in mind its possible commercialisation, we realize our ideas independently from the monetary valence that the project could have. The commercialisation analysis always follow the project realization and it does not influence the first steps of the project development.

How much?
The Ninibe Laboratories are a free association of persons whose main scope is to realize creative ideas and not profits. However the Laboratories try to support themselves through:
  • Free donations, supported by the Paypal system (follow the link in the right menu).
  • Sponsorship.
  • Commercialisation/Spread of the completed Projects.
In any case these modalities do not prejudice the realization of a project.
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